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Actress, Singer, Songwriter
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Who is Jae Tracie?

Jae Tracie is a Los Angeles based SAG/AFTRA Actress, Singer, Writer, Model, and YouTube Celebrity with millions of views online, using her super funny and inspirational style through video and social media to empower people across the world to create and share True & Lasting Happiness in their own lives everyday! Jae Tracie has a dream of starring in her own TV show.  Can you help make that happen!?

#ShareTheHappy today by connecting with Jae Tracie! If you’re in TV or film, cast her! She’s gorgeous and funny, she’ll bring the views! If you need a public speaker, book her today! If you like music, buy her original songs on iTunes and tell your friends about them too! And to anyone who wants a little more happy in their life, which is everyone of course (including you!), become a Happinesser today!

What Can Jae Do?

Jae Tracie


Short films, TV shows, commercials, musicals, live performances, hosting, dancer, and even her own radio show!

Jae Tracie


She also sang with Brent Jones & The TP Mobb, performing live across the US with the group for several years.

Jae Tracie


Makeup, hair, print, fashion shoots, runway shows… Jae can do it all despite being shorter than the average model!

Jae Tracie


Jae is helping to change people’s lives by motivating each viewer to become the best version of themselves!

YouTube Celebrity

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Jae loves to connect with her audience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Email! Many blessings!

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