Don’t Cha Hate it When…

Some YOUTUBE comments:

“You are one of my favorite ppl to watch on youtube! Ya jokes just make me laugh! and im known for having a poker face unless its comedy or a funny moment! lol, keep it up! You just make good videos! Dont cha hate when people wait alllllll the way until the last week of the year to decide they want to achieve something.”
— MelMoney215

“Dont cha hate it when you bathe, lotion, put a new diaper on and clothe the baby and then right as you are done they either spit up all over everything or poop. Ughhhh! Im like… why did you wait until I finished before you decided to spitup/poop! :)”
— dwilliams4905

“LOL, so true. Don’t cha hate it when you serve yourself some cereal to find out there was no milk in the 1st place? so you pour the cereal back in the bag. Don’t cha also hate it when there’s 3 good thing on TV and you can’t do nothing but flip the channel almost all the time? or when ppl cannot shut up when you trying to listen to the news?!”
— xMelfina

“Ha…I so agree with you. Don’t you hate when you are in a GREAT conversation with someone and you go to tell them something and you can’t remember it. But when everything has died and settled down or you go home and you remember what you had to tell them and it seems weird to tell them cause the convo is over.”
— iRepASavior

“AHAHAHAHA!! I do that ALL THE TIME when I feel like my hair is a bug. Hilaaaarious. - LOL @ the lying people part. - It irritates me so bad when someone calls and I call ’em right back and they don’t answer. AHHHH!! - LMBOOOOO at the bathroom story YEESSS!! UGH!! - I hate it when I’m having a mini dramatic crisis & NOBODY picks up their phone. Then everybody calls me back when the crisis is over. - I hate it when people ask questions that have already been answered. I will yell at someone lol!”
— Shyloh8

“OMG, LMBO, ROFL….Don’t you hate it when people over use Txt Talk!! this video was too funny!”
— Joyfullexpressions

“I hate it when a visitor asks me if work here(at my job) when im wearing the company hello can you not read”
— ricanborn2plz69