Random Thoughts with Jae Tracie

Random Thoughts on Babies and Old People

* Why are babies’ heads so big!?

* Why do people say babies sleep peacefully when they don’t!? I’m constantly waking up in the middle of the night to do something for the little critter…

* Who the heck wrote the lullaby “Rock-A-Bye Baby”!? What kind of person was this!? Who goes around putting babies in trees!!!!????

Random Thoughts on Breastfeeding

* Yes, I breastfeed in public! Anywhere and everywhere - it’s my right! And it’s necessary cause it hurts when my boobs fill up! Baby’s gonna eat whether she’s hungry or not.

* Yes, breastfeeding is painful - in the beginning. But after a while you get used to it. Plus, it saves you a ton of cash! Breast milk is cheaper than formula, even if you had a coupon.

* Yes, I believe in breastfeeding as long as possible. I breastfed my two-year-old until he was four.

Random Thoughts on Ridiculous Song Lyrics

* Rockabye Baby is not the only ridiculousness out there! Yes it does rain in Southern California, liar! What the heck is a “Ribbon in the Sky”!? What kind of dummy would catch a grenade for me!? How ’bout you help me duck and cover!?!

* Fellas, stop singing about how you’re gonna love me all night long. There are better things you can do with the time if you’re gonna be up all night long. Do something productive. Get some chores done. Balance the check book or sumthin’!

* What does giving me the moon have to do with how much you love me!? I don’t want the moon! How are you gonna figure out how to get the moon down here for me before you figure out how to go to the grocery store without calling me to ask which brand of milk we should get?

Random Thoughts on Movie Titles

* What if THE MATRIX had been titled “One Pill, Two Pill, Red Pill, Blue Pill”? Would you still have thought it was a good movie!?

* TITANIC should have been called “Dumb Old Lady Doesn’t Care About Her Grandkids Inheritance”. What on earth possessed her to toss that necklace into the ocean!?

* You know you wouldn’t have ever gone to see JURASSIC PARK if they had titled it “Messin’ Wit’ Ancient DNA Causes Deaths”. There’s no way.

* What if I titled this video “Get A Glimpse of This Pregnant Lady in Her Undies”? How many times would you watch it just to try and pause it on the moment you can catch that glimpse?? Huh? Hmm? Now I went and got the idea in your head, didn’t I? lol Don’t waste your time. I made sure you can’t see anything special. 😉